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Pray As If Everything Depends Upon GOD

Pray As If Everything Depends Upon GOD,

Work As If Everything Depends Upon YOU!

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True Mark Of Maturity

The True Mark Of Maturity Is When Somebody Hurts You,

And You Try To Understand Their Situation Instead Of Trying To Hurt Them Back.


Controlled By 3 Things

Don’t Let Yourself Be Controlled By THREE Things,

1. People
2. Money
3. Past Experiences

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When A Muslim Girl Is Born

When A Muslim Girl Is Born:

She Becomes A Reason For Her Father To Enter PARADISE.

When She Grows Up & Marries A Man, She Completes Half of His RELIGION.

When She Becomes A Mother, PARADISE Will Be Under Her Feet.


Our Anniversary

Our Anniversary Is A Time To Look Back At The Good Times

And A Time To Look Ahead To Live Our Dreams Together.

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Night Before Exams

Night Before Exams Is Like A Night Before Christmas.

You Can’t Sleep And Yet Hope For A Miracle.


Successful Marriage

The Successful Marriage Is Not When You Can Live In Peace With Your Wife,

But When You Can’t Live In Peace Without Her.

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What Is Jihad

What Is Jihad

Smiling In Tough Times,

Keeping Patience In Hard Times,

Struggling For Good Deeds,

Taking Care of Old Parents,

Forgiving… Is Jihad

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