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True Mark Of Maturity

The True Mark Of Maturity Is When Somebody Hurts You,

And You Try To Understand Their Situation Instead Of Trying To Hurt Them Back.


Controlled By 3 Things

Don’t Let Yourself Be Controlled By THREE Things,

1. People
2. Money
3. Past Experiences

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When A Muslim Girl Is Born

When A Muslim Girl Is Born:

She Becomes A Reason For Her Father To Enter PARADISE.

When She Grows Up & Marries A Man, She Completes Half of His RELIGION.

When She Becomes A Mother, PARADISE Will Be Under Her Feet.


Our Anniversary

Our Anniversary Is A Time To Look Back At The Good Times

And A Time To Look Ahead To Live Our Dreams Together.

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Night Before Exams

Night Before Exams Is Like A Night Before Christmas.

You Can’t Sleep And Yet Hope For A Miracle.


Successful Marriage

The Successful Marriage Is Not When You Can Live In Peace With Your Wife,

But When You Can’t Live In Peace Without Her.

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What Is Jihad

What Is Jihad

Smiling In Tough Times,

Keeping Patience In Hard Times,

Struggling For Good Deeds,

Taking Care of Old Parents,

Forgiving… Is Jihad


The Dua Made In Tahajjud

The Dua Made In Tahajjud Is Like An Arrow

That Does Not Miss Its Target.

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