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You Promised To Behave

Mom: You Promised To Behave?

Kid: Yes Mom!

Mom: And I Promised To Punish You If You Didn’t?

Kid: Yes, But Since I Broke Mine, You Don’t Have To Keep Yours!!! 😛

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Relationship With Good Person

Relationship With Good Person Is Like SUGAR!

You Break It, Crush It, Squeeze It But Still You Will Get Only Sweetness.


Degree of Girls

B.A. – Beautiful Angel

B.E. – Beautiful Eyes

B.Sc. – Beautiful Structure

B.Com – Beautiful Communication

M.B.A. – Married But Awesome!

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My Wife’s An Angel

First Guy Says, ‘My Wife’s An Angel!’

Second Guy Remarks, ‘You’re Lucky, Mine’s Still Alive.’

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Sent Angels To Watch Over You

Last Night I Sent An Angel To Watch Over You While You Were Sleeping

But It Came Back Early! So I Asked It Why?

It Said That Angels Don’t Watch Over Other Angels! 🙂

Good Morning


Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift You Can Give To Someone Is Your Time,

Because When You Give Your Time, You’re Giving Them A Portion Of Life That You Never Get Back.

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If I Could Give You One Thing

If I Could Give You One Thing In Life,

I Would Give You The Ability To See Yourself Through My Eyes,

Only Then Would You Realize How Special You Are To Me.

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Terrorist Killing People & Donkey

Two Terrorists Having Discussion In A Bar

The Waiter Asks Them What The Discussion Was About?

Terrorist: We Are Planning To Kill 14 Thousand People And A Donkey..

Waiter: Why A Donkey?

Then One Terrorist Says To The Other,

“See I Told You Nobody Will Care About The 14 Thousand People”