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Bewaqoof Aur Aqalmand Aurat

Bewaqoof Aurat Apne Shohar Ko GHULAM Banati Hai

Aur Khud Ghulam Ki BIWI Banti Hai

Aqalmand Aurat Apne Shohar Ko BADSHAN Banati Hai

Aur Khud Uski MALIKA Banti Hai


Shadi Ke Dosre Din

Shaadi Ke Dosre Din Beti Apni Maa Se: “Aaj Meri Unse Larai Hogai.”

Maa: Beti Shaadi Mein Jhagray To Hotay Rehte Hain.

Beti: “Wo To Theek Hai Par Ab Laash Ka Kiya Karein?”

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I Was Fool When I Married You

After A Quarrel, A Wife Said To Her Husband,

“You Know, I Was A Fool When I Married You.”

The Husband Replied,

“Yes, Dear, But I Was In Love And Didn’t Notice.”

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A Woman’s Prayer

I Pray For:

Wisdom – To Understand A Man

Love – To Forgive Him And

Patience – For His Moods

Because If I Pray For Strength… I’ll Just Beat Him To Death

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Wife Is Cute & Husband Is Honey

Wife Is Cute When She Is Mute!


Husband Is Honey When He Gives Money!


Beginning of Relationship

Do What You Did In The Beginning Of A Relationship And There Won’t Be An End.


Wife’s Picture in Wallet

Been Married 20 Years, But I Still Carry My Wife’s Picture In My Wallet.

Whenever I Face Difficulties In Life, I Take Out My Wallet And Stare At Her Picture.

And It Comforts Me Knowing That…

If I Survived Being Married To This PSYCHO, I Can Survive Anything.


A Man Was Walking In Rain

A Man Was Walking In Rain…

A Sweet Lady: Why Don’t U Share My Umbrella …???

Man: No Sister Its Fine (And He Walked Away)

Moral: Moral Voral Kuch Nahi Piche Biwi Aa Rahi Thi…

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