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Wife Ne Kuch Kaha To Nahi?

Ek Admi Doston Ki Mehfil Se Late Night Ghar Gaya,

Dusre Din Doston Ne Pucha: Kal Wife Ne Kuch Kaha To Nahi?

Admi Bola: Nahi Kuch Khas Nahi

Bus Ye 2 Dant To Main Wese Bhi Nikalwane Wala Tha..!!!


Husband Apna White Ho

A Poem By Every Girl

Husbnd Apna White Ho
Lambi Jski Height Ho
Ghusy Ka Wo Lite Ho
Body Jiski Tight Ho
Jb Saas Se Meri Fight Ho

Kahy Begum Tum Always Rite Ho

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Will You Please Talk To Me?

Man To A Lady In A Crowded Market

I’ve Lost My Wife, Will You Please Talk To Me For A Minute?

Lady: Why?

Man: Whenever I Talk To Ladies She Appears From Somewhere!!!


Sun & Wife

What’s The Similarity Between Sun And Wife?
Yehi K Dono Ki Taraf ANKH Utha K Nahi Dekh Sakte…


No Argument At Wedding Crowd

A Young Couple Were Having Their First Fight And It Was A Big One,

After A While, The Husband Said:

“When We Got Married, You Promised To Love, Honor N Obey”

His Bride Replied:

“I Know But I Didn’t Want To Start An Argument In Front Of All Those People At The Wedding”


Wishing Well

A Couple Went To A Wishing Well.

Boy Bent Down, Threw A Coin And Made A Wish.

Girl Bent Down A Little More And Fell Into The Well.

Boy Shouted, “Abbay Teri – IT WORKS”

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