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Boys Are Always Idiot

If Girl Is In Love

Her Parents Ask: Who Is That Idiot?

If Boy Is In Love

His Parents Ask: Idiot, Who Is That Girl?

Moral: No Matter Whoever Is In Love, Boys Are Always Idiots!!


Failure & Success

Even FAILURE Looks Beautiful When You Have A LOVED ONE To Support You.

And SUCCESS Hurts When You Don’t Have A LOVED ONE To Wish You.

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Two Secrets To Keep Relationships Stronger

Two Secrets To Keep Relationships Stronger

1. Whenever You Are Wrong – Admit It

2. Whenever You Are Right – Just Keep Quiet


Dosti Karna Aur Dosti Nibhana

Dosti Karna Itna Aasan Hai Jaise Matti Par Matti Se Matti Likhna

Lekin Dosti Nibhana Itna Muskil Hai Jaise Pani Par Pani Se Pani Likhna

~ Hazrat ALI (Rehmatullah Alaeh)


Friends Are Like Fishes

Friends Are Like Fishes, You Have To Sit Patiently For A Long Time To Catch A Good One.

Just Like I Caught You! So Better Stay Nice, Otherwise… I WILL FRY YOU 😛

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