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Active & Passive Voice

Teacher: Active Voice Aur Passive Voice Ka Example Batao

Student – Active Voice: Tere Mast Mast 2 Nain, Mere Dil Ka Le Gaye Chain

Passive Voice: Mere Dil Ka Le Gaye Chain, Tere Mast Mast 2 Nain…


Agar Irada Pakka Ho

Teacher – Agar Irada Pakka Kar K Kuch Kaam Karo Tou Woh Poora Hota Hai…

Student – Rehne Dain Miss, Agar Aisa Hota To Aaj Aap Meri Baahon Me Hoti


Behind Every Successful Man

Teacher: Behind Every Successful Man There Is A Woman.

What Do We Learn From This?

Student: We Should Stop Wasting Time Here In Studies And Find That WOMAN


English Me Fail?

Ek Student Apna Result Dekh K:

Me Fail? Wo Bhi English Main?

That’s Unpossible


Me Tumhari Jaan Nikal Dungi

Teacher: “Me Tumhari Jaan Nikal Dungi”

Iski English Batao Kia Hogi?

Student: English Ki Aisi Ki Taisi, Tu Hath To Laga K Dikha…!!!

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