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Females Never Listen Properly

Females Never Listen Properly:

Wife: I Lost My Keys Again!

Husband: It’s In Your Jeans.

Wife: Don’t Drag My Family Into This.


I Was Fool When I Married You

After A Quarrel, A Wife Said To Her Husband,

“You Know, I Was A Fool When I Married You.”

The Husband Replied,

“Yes, Dear, But I Was In Love And Didn’t Notice.”

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A Woman’s Prayer

I Pray For:

Wisdom – To Understand A Man

Love – To Forgive Him And

Patience – For His Moods

Because If I Pray For Strength… I’ll Just Beat Him To Death

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Husband Apna White Ho

A Poem By Every Girl

Husbnd Apna White Ho
Lambi Jski Height Ho
Ghusy Ka Wo Lite Ho
Body Jiski Tight Ho
Jb Saas Se Meri Fight Ho

Kahy Begum Tum Always Rite Ho

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