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Wife’s Picture in Wallet

Been Married 20 Years, But I Still Carry My Wife’s Picture In My Wallet.

Whenever I Face Difficulties In Life, I Take Out My Wallet And Stare At Her Picture.

And It Comforts Me Knowing That…

If I Survived Being Married To This PSYCHO, I Can Survive Anything.


Luck Comes in Any Shape

1 Admi Ka Gala Khrab Tha

Wo Raat 3 Baje Doctor K Ghar Gya

Dard Ki Waja Se Boht Aahista Se Bola: Doctor Hai?

Doctor Ki Biwi Us Se Bhi Aahista Se Boli:

Nahi Hai, Aajao!!!

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Will You Please Talk To Me?

Man To A Lady In A Crowded Market

I’ve Lost My Wife, Will You Please Talk To Me For A Minute?

Lady: Why?

Man: Whenever I Talk To Ladies She Appears From Somewhere!!!

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